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Affiliate Website Design

A stylish and fun to design website for an energy supply company with an affiliate system. The site needed to track leads brought in by each affiliate in order to attribute sales to the members.

Kapow energy affiliate website

Affiliate Website Design Case Study –

Energy Supplier Kapow needed a solution that was both a new customer lead generation tool and also an affiliate website design to assign sales to the members.

Kapow wanted their site to perform 4 important functions:

  • Attract new business
  • Help Sales reps qualify themselves to prospects
  • Attract new affiliates
  • Help affiliates track sales

The Design

With a punchy name like Kapow Energy we had loads of fun styling the site like a 1950’s comic book. This makes the site original and memorable in the energy supply niche. The essential messages appear above the fold with crucial calls to action, and trust factors.

The addition of an explainer video is very helpful to prospects – reps and affiliates can simply play the video to leads. The site explains the process thoroughly and give multiple opportunities for visitors to make an enquiry, including an exit popup.


The site includes some neat touches, such as a random benefit message on every page in the footer, so each page has a different message, but not the same message each time you visit the site.


Affiliates also have their own URL for the site which generates their own phone number in the header and their own details on the contact forms so head office knows who to attribute sales commissions to.

The Code

The site is based on a custom designed WordPress theme build around Bootstrap. CSS 3 provided lots of help, especially with the two repeating background images. Lots of help to from Bootstrap’s responsive web design classes that allow (Google approved) hiding of content on certain devices. Animations were also added t0 draw attention to the call to action buttons.


The Kapow Energy Affiliate website design was immense fun to work on, with it’s own specific challenges that make completing the site all the more rewarding. The client is immensely happy with the site and in fact immediately commissioned me to produce two more sites for them – thank you!

Kapow Energy affiliate website designKapow affiliate web design mobile