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White Label Online Store with complex shipping rules

An online store for a Chesterfield based brick retailer with SEO CoPilot. This online store a has the most complex shipping system ever imagined. There were so many permutations! Weight, location, service… the list went on forever, and there were so many locations! We do like a challenge…

Brickslips online store screenshot

White Label Website design for SEO CoPilot in Chesterfield

SEO CoPilot in Chesterfield approached me with a brief to redesign the website for a new client. They needed an SEO ready online store for their line of decorative brick slips.

We identified 2 target markets – domestic DIY-ers and professionals such as builders and architects. This meant that we needed to

  • Showcase how great the products look in-situ
  • Highlight the benefits of purchasing from this company
  • Direct 2 types of visitors to their own specific content.

…all above the fold if possible – Google likes lots of text above the fold, even though images do a better job of selling the product.

Essential Information for Website Conversion

All areas have to include the all important Calls to Action and the shop gallery further down the page continues the ‘conversion’ work and emphasises the goal of the site – ‘this is an online store, and you purchase products from it’.

brick retailer website design chesterfieldbrick retailer website design mobile
Testimonials feature as third party trust builders and a variety of CTA buttons fulfil all the possible criteria, from those ready to purchase to visitors needing more information and advice.

SEO Elements in Web Design

Obviously SEO was a major factor in deciding the layout of this site. We needed more that 300 words of keyword optimised text. The side bar also has a link silo with keywords that serve as essential internal links.

The footer has many important items too – the NAP, opening hours in line with the company’s Google My Business page plus all the links to functional pages such as the Privacy Policy and the company’s numerous other websites. Modal windows with long stretches of text get the word count higher to further convince the search robots of the validity of this page for providing information to users.

The Website Build

The site was built using my own custom developed WordPress theme, which is based on Bootstrap. I have spent many hours refining this theme to incorporate as many SEO elements as possible – such as Schema mark up. We also are using Advanced Custom Fields more and more to help the staff at CoPilot add text to the complex page layouts such as the homepage.

WooCommerce powers the online store with some customisation – like swapping out the long and short descriptions, removing the tabs and adding descriptive, optimised text to the shop category archives.

The result – a successful website design!

The client was overjoyed with the final design and build, and thanks to the skills of Guy and the staff at SEO CoPilot the site is enjoying a great position in the search rankings which has at least doubled sales and left the company with a nice problem – how to cope with the extra orders!