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Conversion Optimised Local Website

A conversion optimised website with Local SEO for a very seasonal business who needed more independence from their current provider and advice that they could trust.

Dronfield Logs Website

Website Design Dronfield Logs

Local business Dronfield Logs needed a new website design. Their existing site had been hacked, and was proving to be slow loading, especially on mobile phones. As 3/4 of traffic to businesses is from smartphones these days, we prioritised mobile first design on the new website.
Dronfield Logs Website

Mobile first website design

The concept of ‘Mobile First website design’ is to build a site that offers smartphone users features that they need. In the case of Dronfield Logs that meant

  • Clickable button to call the business direct
  • text and image on the front screen that explained exactly what the business does, and how to contact them
  • fast Loading

As you can see on the phone screenshot above the mobile web design is very user friendly.

Website design with local optimisation and Mobile visitor conversion optimisation

This will increase conversion

  • Visitors don’t get frustrated waiting for the site to load
  • Calls to action are clear, simple and direct.

Coupled with a local marketing strategy and a confidence inspiring SSL certificate the business should start enjoying good local exposure and, of course, much more local business.

You can read more on my local business SEO strategy on the Shirebrook Self Storage case study here, or why not contact me to accelerate your local business online?

Website Design Dronfield Logs desktopWebsite Design Dronfield Logs Mobile