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Website, Organic SEO and PPC

A website and accompanying SEO and Paid Search campaign to introduce a service business into new areas across the East Midlands. It’s not easy to appear in search results for areas where you do not have a physical address. Fortunately, we had a plan…

Electricians website with SEO and PPC on devices

The benefits of identifying a niche

Richard was already running a successful Electrical business when he approached me through a mutual friend to work on his business with him. His idea was to segment his company into sub-businesses that catered for slightly different customer needs. The first of the 3 company’s was Electrical 999. This identification of a need and adapting a website and advertising campaign proved to be very successful.

The Electrical 999 Website

The idea was to cater for electrical emergencies – people who’s need was urgent and they needed an electrician immediately, no matter what time of day or night it was. Richard cleverly made the business look like an emergency service, and I designed the website accordingly. Red emphasises the urgent need and the potential dangers that the customers might be facing. An electrician on the job image reassures them that they have indeed reached an electrician.

Electricians website with SEO and PPC on devices

Calls to action

The calls to action are crucial on this site. The visitor was left in no doubt that the next step was to make a phone call. In fact, the mobile version of the site (and most of the visitors to the site are searching on mobile phones) features an ever present ‘Click to call’ button that will initiate the call straight from the site.

Local Landing Pages

It was crucial to the site to have pages that ranked in a wide selection of local areas for keywords, for example: emergency electrician barnsley. In all there were 31 locations across the East Midlands.

So firstly, landing pages were created for each location, and each location had an office address and local phone number – very important as Google needs to see evidence of the business having a physical presence. The unique information included on each page was:

  • Local address
  • Local phone number
  • Google map showing the location
  • Headlines and text with the location in them
  • Address with schema mark up to indicate a local business

The pages were linked to the rest of the site via a dedicated sitemap page of local links, so that they weren’t seen as doorway pages by search engines.

Google Maps and MyBusiness

Having a verified physical address on Google MyBusiness is another crucial element of local SEO. However, in this case it wasn’t possible to get each individual address verified so instead we listed the main office in Chesterfield and told Google the areas of operation without actually showing the physical address. This is backed up by unique local citations to each local landing page.

Case Studies for Local Keywords

We are then adding case studies to the site. This means we can strengthen the local profile by having the main keyword (e.g. emergency electrician [location]) with pages that have more specific locations. For example, Google knows that Staveley is a suburb of Chesterfield. Ditto Birdholme, Tupton, Newbold and so on. By including these locations along with the keywords Google will know that the business is truly active in that local area, and not just a site that’s trying to rank in a location but has nothing to substantiate it. All the staff of Electrical 999 have a clutch of case study forms that fill in when the do a job, upload photos to the company Facebook page and email the form to me, so I have everything I need to create a case study with the minimum amount of faffing around for the staff.

Geo Tagging of Photos

I then embed geo specific metadata in each photo, so it gives the impression (or verifies, because the photos are genuinely taken in the locations we are saying they are) that the photos are from that specific location.


Finally testimonials are collected and added to each case study to the listings have review schema added so we not only show trust from third parties to search engines, but we get those little gold stars under the search engine listings.

Paid Advertising

We are also running a paid advertising campaign through Google Adwords. We have a selection of ad groups:

  • Call only ads
  • Text ads
  • Dynamic text ads

Call Only Ads feature a button for mobile users to click and call the business. This means that it’s easier to contact the business, and the success of the ads can be tracked in the adwords reports.

The Text Ads utilise a number of diverse keywords and are primarily to drive traffic to the website, where multiple calls to action and easy to use click to call buttons encourage engagement.

Dynamic Text Ads make use of the local landing pages. The advert’s text adapts to the search query the user types in, and adwords can select a suitable local landing page from the site. It’s crucial to make sure the site maps are up to date and all pages on the site are indexed by Google. I submit site maps but I also manually request each page to be indexed by Google Search Console. Of course, make sure all your Analytics, Search Console and Adwords accounts are linked up!


Of course I track the pages and keywords through my SE Ranking account and the various Google platforms. But there is one crucial litmus test of the success of the campaign – does the phone ring, and are the staff busy out on jobs.

Update October 2019

The site continues to have page 1 rankings for local keywords and has steady progress after the initial flurry of activity – as the 6 month chart below shows:
electrical 999 percentage of keywords in top 10 october 2019

Richard is very keen on making sure everything is working as well as it should – weekends you can generally find him checking his phone records to make sure no calls have been missed, he’s that into the data. So it may come as no surprise that the campaign is subject to daily tweaks and updates, and this is a good thing. I’m certain that this is almost a text book local search campaign. They are not easy to conduct, and can be expensive – 30-odd addresses and local numbers do not come cheap, but they pay dividends!