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Website redesign for classic war plane based in Duxford, Cambridgeshire

This beautiful plane was to have a supporting website. The purpose of the site was to inform people on the rich history of the aircraft type and act as a booking platform for those luck (brave) enough to have a fly in a genuine WW2 combat aircraft.

T6 HArvard booking site and web blog in wordpress

WordPress makes managing a blog easy

And Goodall, display pilot and professional skydiver, was running a site all about the classic Harvard T6 Training plane from WW2. He designed and build the site himself (respect) but was finding it hard to update the content. As the site was build using Rapid Weaver it meant that most of the content was either hand coded or needed Rapid Weaver to make updates. Not easy.

After speaking with Andy I recommended he update the site to the WordPress CMS. This would allow him and others to have simple control over the content of the site without having to worry about HTML. WordPress uses a simple to use back end to make updating and adding pages, images or events to a website a doddle.

Now the site is based on WordPress Andy can:

  • Quickly add new images of his latest fly to the gallery
  • Create events of where and when he will be flying
  • Keep the register of UK Harvards up to date

Whats more, the site is now mobile friendly and fast loading to make it far more pleasant for his readers to view the site from wherever they are using their smart phones and tablets.

Andy is very pleased to be back in control of his website. he feels comfortable that he has the independence to work on the site, knowing that I am around to offer support via Video if any questions or problems arise.
Screenshot of the full harvard website design for Duxford, Cambridge